Michael Smith is a sound artist, writer, performer, and educator.

Known for both the precision and poetry of his incisive and idiosyncratic NOW Magazine columns on urban politics in Toronto from 2004 – 2010, he now freelances as both audio engineer and journalist, having most recently recorded and mixed three tracks on Moscow Apartment‘s self-titled EP, and being always at work on various generative music monstrosities.

He is audio lead for the film Sound + Vision, currently in pre-production; watch this space for details.

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Atomic Wednesday – EP
Engineer – live recording, studio mixing
Atomic Wednesday – Nowhere to Run

Atomic Wednesday – Forgot the Keys

Atomic Wednesday – Take Care

Moscow Apartment – EP
Engineer – recording and mixing, “Frances & Isobel,” “The Things You Do,” & “If You Please”
Listen at their website.

Wanderground – an experiment in sonifying Toronto weather
Programming and sound design
A generative audio installation that takes its musical parameters from current Toronto weather data. A custom Processing program downloads the weather report, and converts it to an OSC message, which is then sent to a Pure Data patch, which uses things like weather type, air pressure, or windpseed, to generate MIDI scales and modulations which are sent to various synth setups in Reason. The example in the video below demonstrates one potential result on a calm, rainy day.

Welcoming Lights – An unused podcast intro track
Composition, sound design, and mixing

“These Highly Immersive”
Field recording, sound design, and mixing
An experiment in music without instruments, this song is composed entirely of heavily processed field recordings, including a sewer tunnel in the Don Valley, a power switching station, a massive protest, the sounds of me making breakfast, and, stretching the definition of “field recording” only slightly, some tape recordings of CBC Radio broadcasts from the late ’90s.

Sound design demo – soundtrack replacement, Alien
Field recording, sound design, Foley, scoring, ADR, mixing
Is your film totally silent? I can help you with that. Need proof? Here’s a from-silence-up original remake of the soundtrack to a classic, heartwarming scene of a lonely spaceman making a new friend. I’m sure he’s fine.